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I was very fortunate that my gift, passion and vocation was to become
my job. I am often asked where do my inspiration and ideas come from,
frankly, I don’t know...they are simply there and I can’t paint all
of the images I see in my imagination.

In the simple things of life that we take for granted,
I see reflections of the great themes of our age and I paint them.
At first, those who view them see beautifully rendered paintings,
even though the subject matter is inconspicuous.

We are flooded by information, therefore many artists feel
compelled to produce ever more spectacular and shocking creations
in order to be noticed and appreciated.

I have long since walked along a different path
and this has led me to possabilities of living out my inspirations
in harmony and contentment.

Our affluent way of life has become the norm and because
of this it has become something we take for granted.
But the „good life“ is not tob e taken for granted.

The gift that is my birth-right led to a passion
and from this to a love for painting and a vocation as a painter.

I let my thoughts wander, follow me and let my works touch you!


27.01.2022 10:12

STAND2020STILL 80 x 80 cm

Mixed media and painting technique in old master style in oil on linen

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27.01.2022 10:10

::symbolical:: 60 x 130 cm

Commissioned work in progress

Mixed media and painting technique in old master style on canvas

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26.01.2022 07:56

drawing 30 x 40 cm

colored pencils on paper

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22.11.2017 09:46

Exhibition Ernst Fuchs ::Begegnung::

Exhibition Ernst Fuchs ::Begegnung::

16.11.2017 to 14.01.2018
in the Gallery KunstRAUM Obervellach
9821 Obervellach | Hauptplatz 15

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