About me

A principle of me is: my works are also to be enjoyed.

My starting-point, like that of many artists, is the love of colours, together with symbolism and the human body. I have enormous admiration for the great masters - Rembrandt, Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian,. then Monet, Mucha, Klimt, Dali,.... to mention only a few. For me, the main thing is the love of painting, and I simply have to let out all that is simmering inside me!

On the one hand the starting point of my art work begins with the simplicity of abstract compositions including different materials. The realistic motive painted in an elaborate technique which the old masters were already using is a complete contrast to it on the other hand. Both styles should become symbioses.

My art work has got a symbolic character. You can see this in the way how I combine my abstract compositions, the material and the final realistic painting as a unity. This unity should communicate with the viewer on a non-verbal level and should transport a message.

At first sight you can barely recognise these intrinsic harmonious compositions as they grow out of a flowing creative process, a mystical intuition rather than a target orientated draft. Step by step everyone who really gets involved with my work will be increasingly drawn into the symbolic character and profound dramatics behind the superficially realistic aesthetic motives. The sensual delights I can feel in my action – I am often told – are well to be seen in my art.
Tenderness alone is too soft and roughness by itself has no inner poetry. Only the composition including both brings forth exciting illusions.

As a main topic I love to manoeuvre along tracks of intuitionally lived femininity. With sensitivity resulting from experience gained in life I try to depict the emotional challenges of current times and to visualise expressively conditions of insecurity but also of self confident potency.

An artist whose works touch you deeply is “just” an artistic instrument of a higher potency, a great energy standing behind him which he transforms to fascinating pictures by the gift he was born with.

My mind starts to wander and I let it happen and I want you to follow in my steps so that my works can touch you deeply.

  • 1967 born in Obervellach on the 13th of December
  • 1997 Special training by Manfred Aichholzer, a professional academic
    painter and graphic artist in Pörtschach at Lake Wörth
  • 1999 Seminar about "Frescos" by Professor Ernesto Marchesini from
  • 1999 and 2000 Special training in "how to paint Ikons and how to gild professionally" by Erich Aichholzer
  • 2002 Developed of "Essential Art" paintings
  • 2003 CD-ROM and Book illustration for the High Tauern National Park Water School
  • 2003 Registered member of the IG BILDENDE KUNST (Artists' Union) in Vienna. Owner of an "international artist identity card" IAA (International Art Association)
  • 2004 Studend of Michael Fuchs, studying the definitive book about painting materials and painting techniques by Max Doerner Bild2_Ernst_fuchs
  • 2004 Mastered the master class of how to paint like the Old Masters by Michael Fuchs
  • 2004 - 2009 Working together with Prof. Ernst Fuchs in a chapel
  • 2005 Inspirations trip to the Croatian islands
  • 2005 Accepted member of the Society for Art of Imagination (London)
  • 2006 Trip through Spain
  • 2009 Group Exhibition from the Society for Art of Imagination to the H.R.Giger Museum and Art Gallery St.Germaine Castle in Switzerland
  • 2007 Participation in the competition of global contemporary art of London - Diploma of Excellence (Honorable Award)
  • 2008 Some of Art works are shown in the Artoteque's Quality ART BOOK for Collectors Amazon Edition
  • 2008 Trip through Corsica and Sardinia
  • 2008 Invitation to Expo in Schloss Chateau des Reaux in FranceAcquisition three of my art works for the art collection of the castle
  • 2009 Entry in HABARTA Lexikon of the fantastic artists more than 1000 phantastic artists got printed - among A–Aktrice
  • 2009 Trip through Thailand
  • 2009 Galleryagreement with the Agora Gallery in New York City
  • 2009 Presentation in the American art-magazine ARTisSpectrum
  • 2009 Exhibition in the Agora Gallery in New York City (Manhattan) promoted culture from country Carinthia
  • 2009 Trip through Florida after the exhibition opening in New York
  • 2009 participation in international iBIENNIAL of Contemporary Art (London)
  • 2009 Murals in the Raiffeisenbank Mittleres Mölltal
  • 2010 Accepted as an artist of the gallery artodrome Berlin in the program "New European Art"
  • 2010 Trip through Cuba
  • 2010 Presentation of some works in the Beijing CIGE
  • 2010 Trip through Toscana
  • 2010 Exhibition to the Shanghai Art Fair
  • 2010 Trip through Greece
  • 2010 Group Exhibition to the LDX Gallery Peking
  • 2010 Participation in the competition iBIENNIAL of global contemporary art (London) Diploma of Excellence (Honorable Award)
  • 2011 Trip through Cuba
  • 2011 Presentation in the International Contemporary Artists Art Book Artists from all over the world will present their works in this book
  • 2011 Exhibition to the Galerie Artodrome Berlin
  • 2011 Exhibition to the Galerie Domenig-House in Vienna
  • 2011 Trip through Italy
  • 2012 Presentation some artworks in the Art-magazine ART IN VOGUE
  • 2012 Exhibition to Salone D`Arte Contemporanea in Trieste / Italy
  • 2012 Presentation some artworks in the Art-catalog ARS ARTIS
  • 2012 Accepted member of the BV Bildende Künstler Austria
  • 2012 Trip through France
  • 2013 Trip to Paris
  • 2013 Exhibition to the Art Beijing
  • 2013 Trip to Monaco and through South of France
  • 2013 Trip through South Dalmatia
  • 2014 Trip to Sicily (Italy)
  • 2014 Trip through Corfu (Greece)
  • 2014 Inspirations trip to the Croatian islands
  • 2014 to 2015 intensive work on the realization of the KunstRAUM Obervellach
  • 2015 Exhibition Open of the Gallery KunstRAUM Obervellach
  • 2015 Trip through the Lagoons of Marano
  • 2015 Trip though South France & Spain
  • 2015 Trip to Lefkas, Antipaxos, Paxos & Corfu
  • 2015 Presentation to  Art On Screen - [AOS] Magazine - NEWS: The arts- and culture platform
  • 2016 Trio though Istrien
  • 2016 Trip to Freising (Germany)
  • 2016 Trip though Lagoon of Venice
  • 2016 Trip to Italy and Slovenia
  • 2016 Inspirations trip to Scottland
  • 2017 Trip to Athens and the Greek islands
  • 2018 Trip to Padua & Euganeische Hügel
  • 2018 Trip to Skofja Loka
  • 2019 Greek Islands

My next exhibitions

Gallery KunstRAUM Obervellach


  • 2017 KunstRAUM Obervellach ::Ernst Fuchs Begegnung::
  • 2017 Sparkasse Freising (Germany)
  • 2016 Group exhibition KunstRAUM Obervellach
  • 2016 Group exhibition postwerk
  • 2016 arttour gallery bruessel
  • 2015 Group exhibition Gallery KunstRAUM Obervellach (Photo Gallery)
  • 2015 Postwerk Villach (Video)
  • 2014 Company Asut Spittal/Drau (Photo Gallery)
  • 2014 Castle Strassburg (Photo Gallery)
  • 2013 BV in Klagenfurt
  • 2013 Ars Artis in Klagenfurt (Photo Gallery)
  • 2013 Hotel Ronacher (Photo Gallery)
  • 2013 Art Beijing (Photo Gallery)
  • 2012 Exhibition in the Gallery Aktrice Obervellach  allEsNGEL
  • 2012 Vinothek Bacchus Gmünd (Photo Gallery)
  • 2012 Ars Artis Klagenfurter Messe (Photo Gallery)
  • 2012 WKO Klagenfurt
  • 2012 Cafe Perstinger Klagenfurt (Photo Gallery)
  • 2012 Carrara / Italy
  • 2012 Gallery OFFENES ATELIER D.U.Design Villach / Carinthia  (Photo Gallery)
  • 2012 SALONE D`ARTE CONTEMPOANEA Trieste / Italy (Photo Gallery)
  • 2011 Restaurant Tirolerhof in Dölsach / Osttirol  (Photo Gallery)
  • 2011 Gallery Artodrome Berlin  (Photo Gallery)
  • 2011 Gallery Domenig-House in Vienna (Photo Gallery)
  • 2011 Gallery Rondula Iselsberg Tirol
  • 2010 Group Exhibition in Klagenfurt Parkvillen Viktring
  • 2010 Group Exhibition LDX Gallery Beijing  (Photo Gallery)
  • 2010 Gallery Offenes Atelier D.U.Design / Villach
  • 2010 Oberstbergmeisteramt Obervellach
  • 2009 CIGE Beijing (Photo Gallery)
  • 2009 Agora Gallery - Manhatten New York City (Photo Gallery)
  • 2009 Lofthouse Gallery Group Exhibition from the Society for Art of Imagination - Germany
  • 2009 Restaurant Bachler - Althofen
  • 2008 Katholisches Bildungshaus Sodalitas - Tainach
  • 2008 Group Exhibition Arthouse Rondula - Osttirol
  • 2008 Group Exhibition Grundfos - Salzburg
  • 2008 Art Forum - Salzburg
  • 2007 Group Exhibition with gabriela di scorpi - Mattersburg
  • 2007 Kneippcentrum - Klagenfurt
  • 2006 Group Exhibition Arthouse Rondula - Osttirol
  • 2006 Group Exhibition 10 Years Firma Lora - Ferndorf
  • 2006 HR Giger Museum and Art Gallery St. Germaine Castle
  • Group Exhibition from the Society for Art of Imagination - Switzerland
  • 2006 Cafe Gabriel - Spittal/Drau
  • 2006 "Es ist vollbracht" Church in Mallnitz
  • 2005 Group Exhibition Hotel Alpenhof - Obervellach
  • 2005 Group Exhibition "Spur des Einhorns" - Friesach
  • 2004 Group Exhibition Hotel Alpenhof - Obervellach
  • 2004 Group Exhibition "Galerie dé Brétter" -Tresdorf
  • 2004 Gemeindezentrum - Winklern
  • 2004 IG Bildende Kunst Gemeinschaftsausstellung - Vienna
  • 2003 Group Exhibition "Galerie dé Brétter" -Tresdorf
  • 2003 KUSS - Wolfsberg
  • 2003 Autohaus Gruber - Spittal/Dr.
  • 2002 Group Exhibition Gerngross - Spittal/Drau
  • 2002 GH Schwarzenberger - Kolbnitz
  • 2002 Castle Trabuschgen - Obervellach
  • 2002 Castle Rothenthurn
  • 2002 Cafe Karner - Klagenfurt/Universitätsstr.
  • 2002 Stadtsaal - Lienz
  • 2001 Gerngross Gemeinschaftsausstellung - Spittal/Drau
  • 2001 Q3 - Villach
  • 2001 Stadtsaal - Spittal/Drau
  • 2001 Kursaal - Krumpendorf
  • 2001 Stadtsaal - Spittal/Drau
  • 2001 KUSS - Wolfsberg
  • 2001 Stadtsaal - Hermagor
  • 2000 Stadtsaal - St. Pölten NÖ
  • 1999 Volksbank - Spittal/Dr.
  • 1997, 1998 und 1999 Messegelände Klagenfurt
  • 1997 Massage Ratz - Obervellach
  • 1997 BV-Galerie Interspar


"Diploma of Excellence"

The 1st Online Biennial of Contemporary Art 
Competition / Exhibition 2008-2009

Dear Aktrice

Greeting from artoteque.com. The 1st edition of the 1st iBIENNIAL of Contemporary Art 2008-2009 reports the three categories winners.
337 artists from 76 countries entered over 2000 works in the 1st edition of the 1st iBIENNIAL. The winners for 2009 iBIENNIAL are included below.

You have received Diploma of Excellence (Honorable Award).
Congratulation for all successes.

"Diploma of Excellence"

We are pleased to inform you of the announcement of winners of ARTOTEQUE’s second edition of ART NOW 2007 online global art annual. 1,651 artists from 76 countries entered 2,784 works for selection. 356 artists from 71 countries and 25136 works were accepted in the 2nd edition of the competition.

I am pleased to enclose attached your Honorable Award - Diploma of Excellence.

Our congratulations!

Marta Dimitrescu
gallery manager, fine artist ARTOTEQUE.COM

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Eintrag mit Biografie und Abbildung des Bildes "Was sind die Werte des Lebens" ins HABARTA "Lexikon der phantastischen Künstler"